Help for Your Cat

My first word as a baby was KITTY. I've been speaking the oh-so-complicated language of cats ever since. After years of pouring my heart into understanding the common behavior issues and anxiety I saw in my own cats, I'm now on a mission to help yours!

The #1 frustration I hear from cat owners is "But the vet said my cat is fine." That's great news for their physical wellbeing but leaves you wondering what to do next.

STEP 1: Join my FREE group, KJ's Cat Club for tips, tricks and an understanding of cats that can change you AND your cat forever! We also have fun Q&As called Coffee & Cats! You'll meet cat lovers just like you who are eager to support you & share calming tips that will help you and your cats!

STEP 2: Try a new way to bring calm to your cat! The Storms & Melodies calming remedies were inspired by my two cats who just couldn't get along, Johnny Storm & Melody Pond.

As a stressed out cat momma, I tried everything....EVERYTHING except what I would do to heal my own energy.

Using my experience as a Reiki Master and my knowledge of holistic aids for humans, I created these calming remedies for cats and FINALLY, there was peace in my house.

Now, there can peace in your cat household too.

There's also a CAT MOMMY CALM remedy to help you while you're helping your cats.


I create and bottle the remedies myself using the solutions I've found along the way that work best for my cats. What you get is a unique remedy that is crystal infused moon water charged with Reiki and filled with a dash of flower essences and only veterinary grade essential oils proven safe for cats.

Because energy is connected, every remedy I make is connected to the first. Each day I do a Reiki intention diffusing that moon water with the same remedies you have to continue to strengthen the intention for YOUR cat and YOUR home.

These remedies are truly made with all of my love for your cat and the purrs, love and light you both deserve.

Cat Calming Remedies. Inspired by Cats. Made for Cats. Approved by Cats.